Mono Server Security

  • Failover RAID hard disk arrays means your website is hosted simultaneously across multiple hardware. If a hard disk should fail your site won't miss a beat, because the system instantly failovers to secondary hardware. This is lightning fast premium hardware RAID, not basic software RAID as found elsewhere.
  • We also use 'Hot Swap' configurations which means we can replace a failed hard disk without needing to take the server off line, so your website remains live and online even during recovery from a failover process.
  • The raw truth is there is no possible way any host anywhere can absolutely guarantee a hardware or software failure or act of God won't result in an outage, and we are no different. However, with Mono Server's Advanced Premium Australian based hosting services, every reasonable precautionary measure and provision (some very costly) has been implemented and deployed to ensure a premium standard of reliability.
  • Our Advanced Premium cPanel services are provisioned within a strong firewalled environment with security policies designed to provide increased protection whilst being as unobstrusive as possible.


Individual Backup

  • Once your hosting is set up, we offer three levels of individual backup security for your domain name hosting:
    1. Provision to you of a password-protected file emailed to you containing all your settings and instructions which can be followed by any web developer or designer. As well as providing instructions for your own setup and daily use of the features of your chosen package, this document also includes tips on how to ensure high levels of security are maintained at your end as the end-user, or in the hands of your web designer.
    2. Mono Server password-protected backup of your domain name list of settings, based in Melbourne, Australia.
    3. Optional provision of password-protected file to an off-site location, with contact details supplied to you, in the case of emergency, closure of Mono Unlimited / Mono Server or any other unforeseen circumstances (available on request only).


Password Security – an Important Note

  • Because our server is protected by a high level of security, it is particularly sensitive to what it may perceive as someone trying to 'hack into' any domain names it hosts.
  • Believe it or not, the most regular way this happens is by the re-entry of the wrong password too many times.
  • Therefore, please ensure at all times that you enter your passwords (such as in the initial setup process and when using the cPanel or webmail), that you are careful with spelling and whether letters are upper or lower case.
  • If you enter the wrong password too many times, your IP address will be blacklisted from our server and your computer will be temporarily unable to access your domain name (website or emails), though your website will still be visible to everyone else.
  • If this occurs, please ring us on 0403 264 263. We can whitelist your IP address again to enable you to regain access on your computer. However, for both your sake and ours, the more careful you are when entering this information, the better!