What does Mono Server offer?

Mono Server is a specialised division of Mono Unlimited: Computer & Printing Support.

We offer a fully dedicated domain name hosting service with the following features.

  • Linux-based Hosting
  • cPanel™/WHM & Fantastico
  • Server CPU: Dual Dual-Core Xeon™
  • Personalised Nameservers
  • Low Occupancy Dedicated Server Hosted
  • Space & Bandwidth Measured: True Total Usage
  • Full compatibility with E-Path Credit Card Payment Gateway (sell your products securely online!)
  • A Premium Australian Located Service


The Benefits of Full Dedicated Servers

Being hosted locally provides the fastest possible speeds. But super low latency is only one benefit; all Australian based servers are dual quad core Xeon™ CPU powered and are connected via 100MBPS uplinks – amongst the most powerful mainstream server hosting infrastructure available.

And because we host all domain names directly on full dedicated servers, not in VPS's (Virtual Private Servers) your website will benefit from exceptional levels of CPU power and RAM availability – perfect if you have plenty of high demand, dynamic, ecommerce or PHP driven sites to host or if you are searching for something a lot more powerful than the average VPS!!